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Quality & Commitment Guarantee

I do not use templates; I value each project, as I do each client, as unique. I’m not even trying to compete with typing services. Instead, I produce highest possible quality — resumes that will be remembered. My fees are competitive with other high-tier resume services that offer human resources experience as well as skills in written composition.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

No, we don’t offer a money back guarantee, but we do offer a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. At A Resume To Remember, if you do not schedule at least one job interview within sixty days of signing up for any of our resume writing or rewriting services, we will:

  • reassess your job search strategy, and
  • rewrite your resume or cover letter for free.

As with all guarantees, you, the job seeker must participate in the process and progress of your job search. Following are the simple steps you need to follow for our guarantee to be valid.

  • You must be actively searching for a position in your field of expertise. Actively searching is defined as applying for at least 10 positions within the 60 day period. The client must contact A Resume To Remember within 70 days of final draft delivery.
  • Proof of positions applied for must be provided to the staff of A Resume To Remember for verification of qualifications/credentials required on the position posting.
  • You must use all avenues to obtain employment opportunities. This includes but is not limited to, recruiters, employment agencies, headhunters, internet postings, newspaper advertisements, networking, professional associations and job referrals.
  • Verification of qualifications and credentials for applied for positions may be obtained from outside parties, including recruiters, human resource professionals and employment specialists. If companies or recruiters decide to contact you for a phone interview, that is determined to be a valid interview lead and will null/void the guarantee.
  • The client must contact A Resume to Remember, in writing, of failure to obtain interviews. The client must provide supporting documentation and evidence of application, including time receipts and/or automatic replies from a minimum of 5 employers.

Whether or not you choose to engage me to produce your written job search materials, please be certain your resume is properly written, looks great, reflects you at your best, and can survive the rigors of today’s job market.

Please contact us for service fees.

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